Will 10
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date Oct. 15th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Kevin is fllying Will's jet

(Will): We are goint to Egypt this time Right?

(Kevin): Possibly..

(Pred): and by possibly he means no..

Will glares at pred then lounges in the chair.

(Pred): What?

An ammount of time elapses

(Will): are we there yet?

(Kevin): We'd get there faster if we were in the Rustbucket 3.

(Will): And why arn't we in it?

(Kevin): I Asked you if you wanted to dock in the Rustbucket III, but you didn't answer

(Will): Hmm? I wasn't paying attention

Minutes Later

(Will): Are We-

(Kevin): Yes

(Will): Really?

(Pred): Look outside

Will lookss out side and sees sand.

(Will): Finnaly

Kevin lands the car.

(Will): So where is the Generator?

(Kevin): I'm guessing there

Kevin points to a pyramid spewing darkness

(Will): Hmm


Will turns to Cannonbolt, then to Ultimate Cannonbolt

(Will): Don't wait up for me

Will turns into Mega Cannonbolt and takes off

(Kevin): WILL! WAIT UP!

Kevin gets in the car, and pred takes off running.

(Kevin): They just ditched me....

Minutes later they arrive at the pyramid

(Will): How do we get in?

Pred just walks through

(Will): I knew that

Will walks in, followed by Kevin.

(Will): Now where is it?

(Kevin): Well when pred was flying the car-

(Will): PRED WAS FLYINg my car?!?!?!?

(Kevin, ignoring will): I was able to make a darkness locater, and I see that the heviest darkness is in the middle of this pyramid.

(Will): Find it funny how it's always in the middle?

Will slams down his megamatrix.

Will transforms into Wildmutt

(Wildmutt): Graw Urnk rah!

Wildmutt starts sniffing and walks away.

(Kevin): Follow me pred,he's going the wrong way

(Wildmutt, turning arround): RRk unk grawl

(Kevin): Why don't you turn on your translator

Wildmutt taps the megamatrix badge

(Wildmutt): Because I forgot!

Wildmutt goes back to sniffing, this time in the right way

Moments Later

(Pred): Kevin, how far are we from the generator.

Wildmutt continues sniffing, then stops.

(Wildmutt): WATCH OUT!!!

Wildmutt lunges at something behind Kevin and Pred.

(Kevin): Woah what the?

Something flys over Pred and Kevin.

(Kevin): The Mummy?!

Kevin absorbs the ground, and Pred grows fangs and claws.

(Kevin): We'll handle him, just find the generator Will!

(Wildmutt): Got it!

Wildmutt starts sniffing then continues running untill he comes to othe generator.

(Wildmutt): I found it!

(Kevin): Great! just remember-

(Wildmutt): Yeah, yeah save the core, whatever.

Will destroys it, grabs the core and runs back

(Wildmutt): Start running guys, it's gonna blow!

They all start running, leaving the mummy on the ground.

(Will, changing back): Faster!

The generator room explodes and flames start chasing them.

(Pred): We're aloast out!

They all leap out of the pyraamid in time to see it collapse.

(Will): Oh.... poop.., I smel lawsuits....

(Kevin): Nah they won't sue you.

(Will): Why not?

Kevin points to 3 perfectly intact pyramids

(Will): Oh, it was a fake, Well then, Head Home?

They all get into the DV-104Y and head home.


(Voice): They think they won, but they havn't, they were late to each generaor! Enough Darknes spreded so-

Z'skayr becomes Visible

(Z'skayr): I CAN RETURN!





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