Electric Slide is the 8th Episode of Will 10.

Will 10
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date April 22 2011
Written by User:Tronfan
Directed by User:Tronfan
Episode Guide
Gone With the wind
Sonorisian Feild Trip


Eon I seen Landing on Nosedeen Quasar. His guards Obliterate the Megawhatts. They Break into the main power core and steal the Electric Rune. Before they can escape they are confronted by Will's team. Eon's team and Will's team fight for a while. Eon gets away with the Electric Rune. Will's team try to track him to his lair. They get sent by Eon to Appoplexia and the Appoplexians dont take their visit kindly. The Appoplexians Attack them. Then Eon appears and sends them to Sonorisia, in the middle of nowhere.

Aliens usedEdit

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