Final Code is the season finale of season 2 in Will 10.

Will 10
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date Oct. 31st 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Kevin lands the jet in front of Will's house

(Will): Well we did it, now good night...

(Pred): I don't know, that seemed too easy...

(Kevin): Yeah and there was one more...

(Will): Who?

Z'skayr laughs

(Kevin): Ghostfreak!

Theme Song!

(Kevin): What are you doing here??!?

(Z'skayr): Just to tell you that, you failed. In 3 Hours the entire world will be engulfed in darkness, and there is no way to stop it!!!!!

Z'skayr dissapeared in black fog

(Will): We Have to Stop him!

(Kevin): How? We don't know where he is, and we have only 3 hours to find him.. He could be anywhere!

(Will): Uh... We could.... Ummm...... Well...

(Pred): Didn't you make a Darkness Locater?

(Kevin): Oh yeah

Kevin looks at the Locator

(Kevin): Hmm, The heviest darkness is..... arround Mount Rushmore.

(Will, wide eyed): Road Trip!

(Pred): -_-


The DV-104Y Lands on top of George Washington

(Pred): Now... Just where is he?

The group looks at darkness coming out of abe lincoln's nose

(Will): I'm guessing there

Will turns to Ghostfreak

(Ghostfreak): This is Cool!

Ghostfreak Flies up Abe Lincoln's nose

(Pred): That's just gross.

(Kevin): I know, let's go!

Just then Kevin's plumber badge starts beeping and Will (Ghostfreak) appears on the badge

(Will): Before you go up Lincoln's nose Kev, there's an entrance in Washington's eye...

Will dissapears

(Kevin): Let's go.

Kevin and Pred climb in George Washington's eye while being watched by tourists

(Tourist): Wow... First a Ghost flys up Abe Lincoln's Nose, then 2 kids crawl through George Washington's eye..... What an Interesting day.....

Inside Mt. Rushmore.....

(Ghostfreak): OMG Wow, look at all this tech... OMG THIS IS PLUMBER TECH!!!

(Pred): Will.... this is a plumbers base.... well an abandened one.

(Ghostfreak): Oh right... so anyway... Kev where's the generator?

(Voice): Right over here....

(Ghostfreak): Oh, ok. Thanks Kev.

Will hovers toward the voice.

(Kevin, absorbing the ground): Will, that wasn't me...

(Ghostfreak): It wasn't then who was it?

Viktor, The Mummy and the Yenaldooshi appeared

(Ghostfreak): oh boy!.... umm party?

(Kevin): Just fight...

Kevin attacks the mummy, Pred attacks the Yenaldooshi and Will attacks Viktor.

(Viktor): There is no way you can succeed, Levin.

Will knocks Viktor out.

(Ghostfreak): So we did it? Awesome!!!!

(Z'skayr): Not quite Levin,

(Ghostfreak): And you are?

(Z'skayr): Your doom

(Ghostfreak): ahh ok, then i guess it's a good idea if i do this!

Ghostfreak transforms to Mega Ghostfreak

(Mega Ghostfreak): MEGA GHOSTFREAK!!!

Mega Ghostfreaks fires a beam and it hits the wall and it breaks creating a hole, letting sunlight in.


Z'skayr Evaporates

(Mega Ghostfreak): Hmm

Will returns to normal

(Will): That was too easy...

(Kevin): Well, we should go back...

(Will): I have something to do first

Shot becomes Eyeguy

(Eye Guy): Pull!!!

A Pinapple gets shot into the air and eye guy shoots a beam at it and the pinapple explodes.

(Eye Guy, to Kevin): I just wanted to do that...

Will turns back to normal

(Kevin): Hmm

Ben and Gwen walk through the door.

(Ben): We're back!!! Anything interesting happen when we were gone?

Kevin and Will Look at each other.

(Will and Kevin): Nope..





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