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Frosted Flakes Gone Wild is the 5th episode of Ned10: Ultimate Adventures As Ned, Pred, Emma and frosted flakes we’re walking down Ben10toyopolis and Ned’s car was in the shop thanks to Frosted Flakes they decided to stop by the photo shop to see if they could find any of their photos. Ned: you know what my photos never get approved I don’t have any photos. Emma: well you keep deleting you’re pictures time they get approved Pred: hey guys I’m hungry Ned: well what do you want? Pred: CEREAL Ned: what type of cereal? Pred: how about Frosted Flakes! Ned: umm ok I think I know where to get some Frosted Flakes: *gulps* Pred: I LOVE EATING FROSTED FLAKES!!!!!!!! Ned: Me too Emma: Me three Frosted Flakes:*attacks Ned, Pred, Emma* Frosted Flakes: *runs away* Ned: Wow who crapped in his corn flakes? Emma: maybe you should have kept saying you wanted to eat Frosted Flakes. Ned: Oh I get it he thought we we’re going to eat him. Emma: exactly. Ned: well let’s go find him Pred: yeah Ned: Let’s split up Emma: what if one of us finds him and needs help getting him? Ned:*pulls out ear pieces*we’ll use these Emma: ok So Emma Ned and Pred split up to look for Frosted Flakes (not the cereal) they looked everywhere then Ned saw frosted flakes and he called the rest of the gang with his earpiece and Pred came with tranquilizer darts And Emma came with a bottle full of milk Pred: I like my idea better Emma: *slaps Pred* Ned: Just get over here Pred: *shoots tranquilizer dart* Frosted Flakes: *falls asleep* Emma: *picks up Frosted Flakes* Emma: *slaps Pred again* Ned: can you guys stop it? Emma and Pred: FINE Pred: I’m still hungry Ned: *stuffs energy bar in his mouth* The End