Gone with the wind is the 7th episode of Will 10

Will 10
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date April 1 2011
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
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Big Problem
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Adwaita's New Alpha Rune was stolen by an unknown individual. That causes Adwaita to attack who ever took it. So he Rounds up his team of faithfull Geochelone Aerio. A peice of Will's jacket was left by Adwaita. So Adwaita Goes and Get's ready to attack Will. Meanwhile, Will is racing Kevin and Ben in his DV-104Y . Will Suddendly get's attacked by Adwaita's Geochelone Aerio. The 5 of them (Will, Kevin, Ben and Pred) Stop and fight Adwaita. They beat him and Adwaita says he just wants the Alpha Rune back. After Will tells him that he didn't steal it, they try to find who did. They track the Rune's last location to an Elite Plumber base. They watch the playback of the security feed and watch Eon trying to work the Rune, but instead he gets a map with the location of the other runes (The Electric Rune, The Sound Rune, and The Universe Rune). The team decide to Try to get the Runes first so they all take off in the Rustbucket III and go to the first Planet, Ampos II.