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Write the text of your article here!Good-Bye Johnathan is the 1st episode of Ned10: Ultimate Adventures Emma Ned And Johnathan Were exploring around the World it was lonely since iax wasnt there and Ned Said I think we should go back toBen10toyopolis Emma agreed but johnathan yelled NO!!!! and emma said wow bro chill and ned said whats wrong with Ben10toyopolis Johnathan said he'll never go back there and Ned Says dude we've had our best times there johnathan said im staying here not going there well me and emma havent been able to explore it at all well too bad Said Johnathan dude even though we're best friends you can't tell where we can and can't go Agree'd Said Emma We're going to Ben10toyopolis and thats final Exclaimed Ned. WELL FINE Yelled Johnathan YOU CAN GO BY YOURSELF!!! yelled Johnathan I think We Will said Ned. So at the turning point Emma And Ned Said there good-byes to Johnathan And They all Cried then Ned and Emma Turned to head to Ben10toyopolis.The End