"In Brightest Day" is a crossover between Will 10 and Green Lantern. It is live action.

Will 10
Season N/A, Episode Special Episode 1
Air date To Be Revealed
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Mark Petrie's Kara Kul starts playing

(Hal Jordan): In Brightest day,

Giant green fist flys

(Hal Jordan): In Blackest Night

Chaingun fires

(Hal Jordan): No Evil, Shall escape my sight

Cannon Fires

(Hal Jordan): Let those, who worship evil's might

Catapult Flings

(Hal Jordan): Beware my power.... GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!

Flash of Green

(Will, sitting next to Hal): Cool Ring, can I have one?

(Hal, Glares at Will): Uh.... no.

Green Blast

(Will, looks away): Aww dang it.....


When Atrocitus, Sinestro and Agent Orange, attack Earth, Will teams up with Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.



  • Will - Josh Hutcherson
  • Hal Jordan - Ryan Reynolds
  • Kevin - Nathan Keyes
  • Kilowog - Michael Clark Duncan (Voice)
  • Tomar Re - Geoffry Rush (Voice)


  • Atrocitus - Clancy Brown (Voice
  • Zilius Zox - Tom Kenny (Voice)
  • Red Lantern Corp - Various
  • Agent Orange - John Di Maggio (Voice)
  • Orange Lantern Corp - Various
  • Sinestro - Mark Strong
  • Sinestro Corp - Various

Aliens UsedEdit

  • TBD

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