Will 10
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date Oct. 4th
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Darkest Night
Egyptian Puzzle


The DV-104Y lands in the hanger where the Rustbucket III is.

(Kevin): Come on

They all board the Rustbucket and it takes off.

(Will): Egypt is gonna be awesome, i wonder if they sell those cloaks, that'd be awesome. And a snowglobe!

(Pred): Ugh just shut up....

(Will): I wonder if they sell tacos there..... mmmm chimichangas....

minutes later they land in the amazon

(Will): Man egypt is cold.....

(Kevin): Will, this is the Amazon

(Wil): What?

(Pred): Problem?

(Will): I thought we were going to egypt.....

(Kevin): I told you, we were coming here because this one was gonna start up first

(Will): No you didn't, right pred?

(Pred): Actually...

They keep walking for a while

(Will): 99 bottles of pop on the wall 99 bottles of pop......

A period ofo time elapses

(Will, tired): Take one down and pass it arround....... 14 bottles of pop on...the....wall.....

The ground caves in.

(Will): SOLE DIGGER- WHA eyeguy oh come on...

The ground closes in on them.

(Kevin): That wasn't natural....

Pred cries out in pain and falls on the ground

(Will): PRED!!!!

(Pred): run.....

(Will): What?

(Pred, howling): RUN!!!!!!!!!!

Will and Kevin run.

(Will): Where are we going?

(Kevin): Dunno let's just keep running

Will hits something

(Will): oww what was that?

(Kevin): I dunno

A howl is heard.

(Will): what was that?

Yenaldoshi appears

(Will): That's cool, i wish i could do that.

Kevin is already fighting the yenaldoshi

(Kevin): You could help you know....

A new hologram pops

(Will): Who the..?

The megamatrix glitchs and the hologram changes

(Will): Hmm

Transform Scene


(Lodestar): Kevin Keep the Yenaldoshi buisy, I'll dissasemble the darkness generator

(Kevin): ok, but save the core,


(Kevin, muttering): it could be worth something

Kevin charges at the Yenaldoshi while lodestar flys toward the generator.

(Lodestar): I'm amost there!

A werewolf like being attacks Will.

(Lodestar): what the?

(Werewolf being): Problem?

(Lodestar): Pred?!?!?

Pred shushes will then lunges at the Yenaldoshi

(Lodestar): keep him busy guys

Lodestar starts to take the generator appart

(Lodestar): Got it!

A spare metaal peice hits the Yenaldoshi and knocks it unconsious

(Kevin): Seriously? that's all we had to do?

Will hands kevin the core

(Pred): what was that?

(Will): ooh nothing, so to egypt?

(Kevin): Yeah

The team finally head to egypt





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