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It's Not a beam It's A Ray is the 7th episode of Ned10: Ultimate Adventures As Ned, Emma, Rath and Pred we’re walking they saw a bright light flash by and it scared Ned pant less. Emma: Stop being such a baby Ned Ned: Sorry I’m easily frightened Emma: Since When? Ned: Since Always Emma: You watch horror movies all night. Ned: You’re Point. Emma: Ughh I give up Ned: That’s what I thought Emma: you shut up Ned: make me Pred: Guys calm down Ned Emma: NO Pred: oh sorry for interrupting Rath: guys stop talking about Cat Nip Ned Emma and Pred: *look at Rath with a weird look* Rath: What I’m not good at Astronomy Ned: Weird ???: hello people The whole gang looked at the mysterious black and yellow man. Ned: Who are you? ???: The Ray but you can call me Ray Ned: where did you come from? Ray: that lightning bolt Ned: O_O Emma: *Laughing* you scared this baby s#!tless Ned: I’m not a baby Pred: just ignore them Ray: ok Pred: so what’s a 27 year old doing in ben10toyopolis? Ray: Actually I’m 10 Pred: what how you’re so tall and your voice is so deep Ray: I know when I got my powers I aged to 27 for some reason. Pred: Weird Ned: so ray how would you like to travel with us Ray: sure I’ve just been traveling alone Emma: Seriously Ray: Eyup Pred: O_O you ate big Macintosh Ray: what who’s Big Macintosh Ned: just don’t say eyup around Pred Ray: ok The End