Jake is Will's son in the year 2033.

General Information
Species TBD
Age 14
Affiliations N/A
Occupation(s) N/A
Powers and abilities
Abilities Absorption, Hydrokenisis, OmniSword
Equipment OmniSWiord
Relatives Sarah (Sister)

Will (Will 10) (Father) Taylor (Mother)

Alias N/A
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Romantic Relationships (TBD)
Portrayed By N/A
First Appearance TBD


The Son of Will Levin has dirty blond hair and is usually wearing a lether jacket. He Carries a sword on his back.


Being the Son of Will Levin, Jake inherited his father's Osmosian and Orishan Powers. Jake also Carries a Sword.


  • TBD

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