Knight of the Full Moon is the 5th ep in season 3 of Will 10.

Will 10
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date Dec. 12th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Plot SummaryEdit

A Forever Knight with the ability to manipulate the Lunar Radiance (Moon's Light) and shadows, atttacks Will.


A Bright light emerged from the sea, and a Shining Forever Knight emerges

(Knight): Find them.

(Forever Knight): Yes Sir,

(Forever Knight 2): Find who?

The Leader Knight just glared and raised up his hand, and a White light emitted and the 2nd forever Knight Disintegrated.

Theme song

Will, Ben and Ryan are sitting in the lounge of the plumbers base

(Will): So.... Ben,

(Ben): Dunno.

(Ryan): We Could... Nah...

A Plumber came in

(Plumber): Guys, There is a high tide right now

(Ben): Of course there is we’re close to the beach

(Plumber): There shouldn’t be a high tide at this time of day.

Will Looks at his watch

(Will): He’s right,

(Ben): Well, Go Check it out.

(Plumber): I sent a squad, and they haven't returned yet

(Ryan): Well when did you send them out?

(Plumber): 3hrs ago

Will, Ryan and Ben all look at each other

(Will): OK we’ll go check it out

(Ben, sarcastic): yay....

(Ryan): Couldn’t we just stay here and, you know, not fight crime?

(Will): We could, but innocent people could get hurt,


Later at the Tide pools

(Ben): Are you sure we’re in the right spot?

(Will): Pretty Sure,

(Ryan): Well, there’s nothing here, now we can go home,

Will notices something stuck in a crack of the rocks

(Will): Not Necessarily, come look at this,

Will takes a coin out of the crack

(Ben): What is it?

(Will): A Coin,

(Ryan): A Coin? A Coin? WE LEFT THE BASE OVER A COIN!?!??!?!

Ryan goes off arguing with himself, and Will wipes the dust off of the coin,

(Will): No way..

(Ben): What?

Ben looks at the coin

(Ben): Is that a...

A Huge Crash is heard and the rock mass they were on starts floating away


Will starts walking around the rocks in a figure 8 path.

(Will): Oh no....

Camera zooms out to find that the “Island” is marked with the forever symbol

(Will): This Can’t Be,

Out of nowhere forever knights appear in a bright light.

(Ben): It is,

(Ryan): Guys!!! What did you do?

The Forever Knights charge at them,

(Will): Ben, you know these guys better than I do, what do we do?

Ben turns to Fasttrack.

(Ben): Just fight them, they are extremely weak!

Will turns into Telemental

(Will): What about that one?

Will points to a glowing knight

(Ben): Huh, that’s weird. Never seen him before

(Will): What does he do?

(Ben): He Makes lemonade, what do you think he does?

(Will, walking up to the shiny knight): One glass of lemonade please,

The knight fires a beam at Will

(Will, shielding his eyes): MAH EYES!

Ben transforms to Chromastone (Ben): Chromastone! that was light, maybe i could use it against him! The Shining knight fired a beam at Ben who just absorbed it and sent it back.

(Will): What do they want anyway?

(Knight): you have been a nuisance to the knights for a long time, they have sent us to finally exterminate you,

(Will): oh yeah, cus you’ve been able to do that before,

(Shining Knight): But this time we have a secret weapon, this!

The knight fires a bright beam at Will.

(Will, detransforms): Agh!

Chromastone taps on the Knight’s shoulder, and when he turns around, punches the knight while firing an energy beam

(Knight): ARGH!

The Knight gets knocked on the ground and disappears,

(Ryan): Great now we can go home, wait did he just say “argh”?

(Will): Yeah, he did...

(Ryan): hmm, well let’s go home

They all go back to the base, but the island glows bright when they are out of sight.