Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Darkness Rises, pt 1Edit

The Pilot!

Episode 2: Darkness Rises, pt 2Edit

Pilot Continued!

Episode 3: Ultimate FoalsitterEdit

Mist and Twilight Sparkle recieve a couple of foals on the library doorstep, and are tasked to take care of them.

Episode 4: GenderswapEdit

The Group (Mane 6 and Mistback)

Episode 5: The Smell of ApplesEdit

A Week after the death of Applejack, Rainbow Dash sees hints that AJ could be alive.

Episode 6: The Lunar EmpireEdit

Mist takes an unexpected leap through time to where Luna has forcibly taken the throne and is a violent tyrant.

Episode 7: Elements of Chaos pt 1Edit

Discord Returns, with his own Team of Elements.

Episode 8: Elements of Chaos pt 2Edit

Discord and his Elements of Chaos defeat the group, so the backup elements must step in to stop discord.

Episode 9: MissingEdit

Twilight goes Missing and turns up 3 years after she first goes missing.

Episode 10: The Doctor, The Teacher and The DerpyEdit

Twilight decides she might want to become a magic teacher, and a Mysterious pony pops up and warns everypony of A supposed Alien Invasion.

Episode 11: A Deduction in PinkEdit


Episode 12: Children of the NightEdit

Luna's Children come to Misback for help, Luna has Been Kidnapped.

Episode 13: Darkness Returns, pt 1Edit

The Season Finale.

Episode 14: Darkness Returns, pt 2Edit

Season Finale Continued.

Season 2Edit

Episode 1: Return of the Crystal Empire, pt1Edit

A Letter arrives in Canterlot, from Shining Armor and Cadence, requesting help, King Sombra has returned, once again.

Episode 2: Return of the Crystal Empie, pt2Edit

Mistback, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rariy must Rescue Shining Armor and his family, and restore the Crystal Empire to it's former glory.

Episode 3: The Norhthern WindsEdit


Episode 4: My Bully's BrotherEdit


Episode 5: The Fire RisesEdit

Batman Crossover :D

Special EpisodesEdit

Special 1: PrimeEdit