Megamatrix: Malfunction is the 13th, episode of Will 10. The 2nd episode of season 2.

Will 10
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date Friday, June 10th 2011
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
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Megamatrix: The Ring
Megamatrix: Mystery


Will and Chulofiaus, are flying in his ship still into the vast unknown, far outside the universe. Will asks Chulofiaus where they were going, and Chulofiaus responds that they were going to Mare Fusile. Once they land on Mare Fusile the megamatrix starts going haywire. Will asks Chulofiaus why and Chulofias simply responds "That will be revealed soon." Then suddendly the Megamatrix shortens out and will can not use any of it's functions. Chulofiaus tells will that they have to go inside Mare Fusile's Largest Volcano which stands about 70 Lava jumps (400,000ft high), which also happens to be sacred to the I faisteio , who kill those who get near. Once Will and Chulifias reach the Volcano the I faisteio Immediatly attack. Will immediatly hops onto one 1,100ft monster and absorbs it. The I faisteio falls to the ground energy less, and Will has it's ability. After they take out the I faisteio they head inside the volcano into a chamber flooded with purple light. Chulofiaus then tells Will to touch the purple stone in the middle of the chamber. Will does and both the stone and the Megamatrix spark up and images of other megamatrix users appear to Will, and tell him how to use the functions of the Megamatrix. Will passes out from all that and wakes up to find that he is on Chulofiaus' ship heading to the coordinates of the planet Ypogeios.



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