Megamatrix: The Ring is the 12th Episode Of Will 10. The 1st Episode of Season 2!

Will 10
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date June 3rd 2011
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
Episode Guide
Universal Congress pt2
Megamatrix: Malfunction


Will and his team come back from fighting Eon, and see a green light float towards them. The Green Light surrounds Will. Suddendly the light fades, and Will collapses. He wakes up to find a ring on his hand. Will fidgets with the ring and accedentally activates it. Will then turns into Lucky Clover . After turning into lucky clover he realises that the ring is the Megamatrix . This Highbreed named Chulofiaus then attacks Will and teleports him to his ship. Chulofiaus and Will fight for a while, and Chulofiaus defeats Will and tells him he can lead him trough the Megamatrix's secrets. Will accepts still not trusting Chulofiaus and his ship fly's away.

Aliens UsedEdit


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