Ned10: Ultimate Adventures is a spin off of Ned10 Ned10:Alien Patrol and JUU.

the Characters of this series are Ned Emma Rath(Frosted Flakes) Pred Will and Ray and Bailey in all seasons except season 1


Season 1

1.Good-Bye Johnathan.

2.All Abort to Ben10toyopolois

3.The Glitch

4.Return of the Pony

5.Frosted Flakes Gone Wild

6.Will you please come with us

7.Its Not a beam its a Ray

8.The Icee Ransom


10.Back to the present

11.Ben 10 Returns pt 1

12.Ben 10 Returns pt 2

13.Case of the Missing Jacket

14.Will the real Ned please stand up

15.The Pony Effect

16.14 to 30?!

17.Hector The Little Kid

18.Hectoropolis pt1

19.Hectoropolis pt2

20.Hectoropolis pt3

Season 2

1.Ned Gets a Girlfriend

2.Ned And Bailey sitting in a tree

3.The new member



6.The Hector Strikes Back

7.Return of The Hector




11.Bailey Goes on Vacation

12.Mr & Mrs. Rath

13.Ned the Cry-baby

14.Wheres Ned's Juice Box?

15.Uncle Ray

16.Ned Acts his age

17.The Return pt1

18.The Return pt2

19.The Return pt3

20.The Retun pt4

Season 3

1.Rath Meet Ryan

2.Jon's Return

3.Bailey10: Ultimate Adventures

4.Ned10,000 Returns

5.Will You Must Die

6.Kill Will

7.I'm Ned and I Hate Nature

8.C'mon on Ned we dont have all day

9.Dont go into a Nedcoma

10.Life With out ned

11. Ned Ned Who

12. To Teach a Ned to Save the World

13. Welcome Back Ned

14. Josh The British Dork

15. A Troll is Born

16. Go Away George

17. Every Pony has their day

18.Ryan The Snowman (Christmas Episode)

19. Ned and Emma? Pt 1

20. Ned and Emma? Pt 2

Season 4









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