Pred is Will 10's best Friend in Will 10.

General Information
Species Human/Wolf
Age 15 (Will 10)
Powers and abilities

And also The main Character of Pred 10!


Pred looks like a normal human. His True form is Pure Wolf.


Pred Has the Cellitrix.

Other InfoEdit

He has a Partner, Fao Lunos

a Role in Will 10Edit

Pred's Role In Will 10 is the best freind. The "Kevin Character" Of Will 10, even though Kevin Levin is in Will 10. Pred Is like the other main charactor. All in all, Pred's an awesome dude, Look him up :P.

Role in Pred 10Edit

Pred serves as the "Ben" character of Pred 10, dishing out alien combos and other such things with ease.


Pred was born a wolf and lived life as such for a few years until a wolf from the future taught him how to take on a human form. Having Trouble getting used to normal human life was a problem for him and eventually got him kicked out of his apartment, afterwhich he got chased by wolf hunters into a pack of Vulpimancers, taking the Ultratrix he found on the ground he did the only thing he could think of it pushed buttons hopping the fancy gauntlet had a gun or something, instead turning him into Upgrade, of which he used to fend off the vulpimancers. He later met Azmuth and went on several other adventures. Several years later he would join William Levin on his adventures.