The Feud is the First Episode of Season 3 in Will 10.

Season 3, Episode 1
Air date Nov 14th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Unlimited Power pt 1

Plot SummaryEdit

Pred gets infected by an unknown substance and attack Will.


Pred, Will, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are at Mr Smoothy.

(Ben, Eating Chili fries): Well, it's a slow day today

(Will, slurping a smoothie): Yeah, it is, something interesting should happen. Like now.

Pred stands up

(Pred): I'll be right back

Pred walks torward the bathroom but sees a light come from the kitchen

(Pred): Huh?

Pred goes in and a flash of Red emits from the door

(Pred): Ach!

Theme song

(Kevin): What was that?

(Will): What was what?

(Kevin): You didn't see that Red Blast?

(Will): No,

(Kevin): Hmm, i must be seeing things

Pred walks back to the table with red eyes

(Will): Oh hey pred

Pred grabs Will by the kneck and throws him accross the room

(Will): ARCH!

Kevin absorbs the table and Ben turns into Shocksquatch


Pred sends a blast of red at Ben and Kevin.

(Shocksquatch): Argh!

Ben De-transforms

(Pred): Let's take this somewhere where we won't be bothered.

Pred grabs Will and dissapears in a Flash of Red.

(Ben): Gwen where'd he go?

Gwen tries to sense Pred and Will.

(Gwen): They are on Mount Kilamonjaro.

(Ben): Let's go!

Ben tries to turn into clockwork but can't

(Ben): What the?

(Kevin): I guess we're taking the Rustbuckett

Sceen changes to the top of Mt Kilomonjaro

Will wakes up Tied to a post

(Will): Where am I

(Pred): You are about to Die young Will.

(Will): I don't think so!

Will struggles to reach the megamatrix but can't

(Pred): I wouldn't if i were you.

(Will): Pred, why do you want to Kill me?

(Pred): For what you did to us all those years ago.

Will starts absorbing the post, without pred noticing.

(Pred): A Couple years ago, you took everything away from us.

(Will): Us?

(Pred): Yes US! Now

Pred picks up the post

(Pred): You die

Pred chucks Will into the volcano, but while he was falling Will cut free from the ropes and turned into Clockwork.

(Pred): And vengance is Ours!

Clockwork appears infront of Pred.

(Clockwork): You think this is over?

Clockwork freezes pred in time, then turns into Rath

(Rath): RATH!

Rath Flip kicks Pred, but Pred catches his foot and spins him

(Pred): You thought it was gonna be that easy?

Pred punches rath and sends him flying in a red blast, but rath runs back and slashes Pred, leaving a scar on his face.

(Pred): ARGH!!!

Pred form Giant wolf claws and claws Rath

(Will): I don't want to do this pred!

Rath smashes the ground emiting a shockwave knocking pred out and sending him into the volcano.

(Rath): I'm sorry pred.

Rath turns back to Will, and the Rustbuckett III lands, then Will boards.

(Gwen): Where's pred?

A silence filled the air.

(Will): Just take off....

The Rustbuckett takes off, then the camera focuses on a edge inside the volcano, to a burnt Pred's eyes, which then open, Bright Red.






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