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The ICEE Ransom is the 8th episode of Ned10:Ultimate AdventuresNed Emma Pred Rath and Ray we’re walking along the path to somewhere I’m not sure where then Ned saw a gas station and it said “Free Icee’s” So Ned ran in and there was a huge line so Ned got pissed so he slammed his Ultimatrix.Clockwork: *speeds up time*Ned: Sweet Time to get M…Ned: Theres No Cherry Left.Then Ned saw a guy in a green jacket and green jeans with black hair and he had a Cherry Icee and it wasn't drank at all so Ned transformed into ChamalienNed: there’s no Cherry leftChamalien:*Goes invisible and steals ICEE and turns ICEE invisible*Ned: Ha-ha now I got my ICEE *starts drinking ICEE*Swamp: hey where’s my ICEEThen Ned ran away hiding the ICEE5 days later Ned still hasn’t finished the ICEE somehow then Emma angrily walked up to Ned with a poster.Ned hey what’s thatEmma held up the poster it showed a picture of Swamp’s face and a picture of an ICEENed: soEmma: Points to bottomNed: Thief was wearing black jeans a red under shirt and a yellow and black jacket with a yellow UltimatrixEmma: so you stole Swamp’s ICEE.Ned: yesEmma: well you’re not drinking it so why don’t you just throw it awayNed: no I’m saving it for a snack sometime next year or laterEmma: Owwww that’s disgustingNed: what Icee’s don’t rotEmma: then give it back to swampNed: fineThen Ned called swamp then got an evil idea Ned disguised his voice once swamp picked upNed: I HAVE YOUR ICEESwamp: Really can I have itNed: YEAHSwamp: :DNed: FOR 600,00 BUCKSSwamp: D:Ned: put the money behind the dumpster near the Photo BuildingSwamp: fine only for my ICEE.Ned: hangs upEmma: did you call swamp about his ICEENed: Troll FaceEmma: I don’t trust youNed: why notSo the next day Ned went to the dumpster and saw the money so Ned put down the ICEE and an hour later swamp found it and he drank it.Ned: that was my best money making scheme everEmma: What?Ned: nothingEmma: I don’t trust youNed: okThe End