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The Ned10 Christmas Special the 2nd Ned10: UA special and the 16 and a half episode of season 2

Ned was walking with a wagon full of boxes while walking in the snow trying to get home in time to hide all the presents and get them wrapped in time for Christmas which was only 2 days away once Ned got back to the house he went to his room to wrap the presents and hide them

Ned: well 6 hours of shopping better get these wrapped ok I better make a pile one for Rath’s presents one for Emma’s presents one for Pred’s presents one for Ray the pile for will and lastly the pile for Bailey.

After wrapping all the presents he had o chose where to hide them he looked all over the house just looking for a spot not being used.

Ned: well I could just hide them under my bed but that’s too obvious maybe I could hide it in Bailey’s room no that’s a terrible idea ughh this is hard.

Then Ned had an idea and this time it wasn’t completely stupid seriously ever since they went to the future Ned has gotten dumb well anyways back to the story.

Ned: I’ll hide it in my sock drawer no one ever looks in there no one wants to smell my socks

Then Ned shoved all the presents in his sock drawer and that drawer is huge it could fit a small husky so it could hold 15 presents with a little effort

Ned: There hmm baileys home

Ned: Oh no the receipt is still out there along with the wrapping paper. Wait I got it *slaps Ultimatrix*

Clockwork: Clockwork I’ll just pause time and get the stuff

Ned: what the my Ultimatrix timed out already

Bailey: Hello I’m home

Ned: Oh no

Ned ran to the main room as fast as XLR8 and hid the stuff that gave away the surprise

Bailey: I might actually do something useful for once Ned has been really busy lately I’ll clean his sock drawer for him and then his room won’t stink

Ned: oh no I hope I didn’t just hear that

Ned ran to his room and the door was open and Bailey was almost to his sock drawer and Ned leaped and landed on bailey and told her I can clean my own drawer bailey and bailey got up and said ok in a weird voice.

Ned: so bailey what do you want to do while waiting for Rath Emma Pred and Ray?

Bailey: well I was going to clean you’re drawer but you don’t want me too for some reason

Ned: well tomorrow is Christmas Eve

Bailey: yeah

Ned: yup

Ned and Bailey’s Lips were just about to meet then Pred ran in yelling I’M HOME

Ned Bailey: Oh umm hey Pred

Pred: we’re you guys about to make out

Ned: yeah kind of

Pred: sorry I’ll leave if you want

Ned: no it’s ok so have you seen Emma and Rath?

Pred: no I haven’t since this morning.

Ned: so how was work?

Pred: other than having to work right before Christmas Eve terrible

Ned: How the heck can they make you work 2 days before a holiday

Pred: who knows?

Bailey: where the heck are they?

Ned: Who?

Bailey: oh I invited some of my friends back from when I was in Middle School

Ned Pred: Are they Hot?

Bailey: *punches Ned and Pred*

Ned Pred: Owwww

Pred: what was that for I’m not dating anyone?

Bailey: well a pony dating a human is weird and that wasn’t even funny

Pred: who said it was supposed to be

Ned: well I’m going to check on my order

Bailey: what order

Ned: O_O crap

Bailey: Ned what are you talking about?

Then bailey chased Ned around for a couple hours.

Pred: umm guys Emma Rath and Ray are here

Ned: oh nice

Bailey: *tramples Ned* you’re going to tell me what you ordered or I’ll beat you up.

Ned: what if I do tell you?

Bailey: Nothing

Ned: how about you make out with me

Then the Doorbell rang and Will barged in saying hello guys

Bailey: fine but only because Pred interrupted us oh hey Will

Ned: I ordered you’re birthday present early Yeah Hi Will

Bailey: oh that’s so sweet *kisses Ned*

Ned: awww yeah.

Pred:* whispering* lucky oh hi Will

Emma: *punches Pred* hi Will

Pred: ouch seriously why am I getting punched so many times today


Everyone Gave Rath a weird look

2 Days Later

Ned and Bailey we’re sitting next to the fire Rath and Emma watching Christmas specials Pred was hitting on Baileys Friends ray wondering why he’s barely in this special probably because The Real Ned AKA Brandon forgot to write him in and will was being an idiot

Ray: Hey!!!

Then everyone opened presents and had a good holiday season

The En WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ned: I almost forgot the Christmas hmmm I forgot ok go back to the closing

The End