These are all the episodes in Will 10 X.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Hidden Heroes Edit

Pilot. Will recruits other alien heroes who have gone into hiding to confront Extremis.

Episode 2: The CavelryEdit

Will goes upwith his newly formed army to attack Extremis and Save the Heroes

Episode 3: In TimeEdit

Extremis Kills Ben Tennyson and throws the universe into Peril, so Will and His group must travel in time and save Ben.

Episode 4: Forget MeEdit

Kevin goes Missing and nobody but Will seems to Even remember him, so Will must try to find out What's going on.

Episode 5: Returning ServeEdit

The Full out War on Extremis begins!

Episode 6: Beware What Lies BeneathEdit

While spying out Extremis' ship-base, they find it runs on an interesting fuel source

Episode 7: In the Corner of your EyeEdit

Will and his team are trying to find an agent of extremis, but when ever they find him, he dissapears and will and his team can't remember seeing him.

Episode 8: Live it AgainEdit

Will keeps experiencing the same day over and over.

Episode 9: Cliff HangerEdit

Info Comming Soon!

Episode 10: The End of The WorldEdit

Info Comming Soon!

Season 2Edit

Episode 1: The Wedding of Will LevinEdit

It's The Day of Will and Taylor's Wedding, but it get's interupted by a freak Earthquake.

Episode 2: Ray of LightEdit

The Ray Attacks For Some Unknown Reason

Episode 3: FlipswitchEdit

Gwen and Taylor Switch Bodies.

Episode 4: No Ordinary VacationEdit

The Long awaited honeymoon arrives! But The Ray insists on Attacking.

Episode 5: Death and a FuneralEdit

Taylors Father Dies, but at the funeral, Ray attacks.

Episode 6: MechTechEdit

When the matrix of leadership is stolen (By Ray), the Autobots and Will's team work together to get it back.

Episode 7: TBDEdit

An Alien bounty hunter attacks Will. And the person Who has been following will's team finally catches up with them

Episode 8: The Osbourne LegacyEdit

Will is being followed by a Frank Osbourne, for some unknown reason.

Episode 9: New EarthEdit

Ray successfully starts re-shaping the earth, mind controlling all the humans.

Episode 10: The Final BattleEdit

Will's Team and Ray (and all the full humans on earth) Enter their final battle, who will win? Will also gets help from the rest of the alien hybrids left on the earth.