All the Previews of Will 10

Preview 1Edit

TV Flickers on

(News Reporter): The Government has decided that this alien Nuisance has gotten out of hand,

Another TV Flickers on.

(News Reporter): I’m Here watching the president sign the Anti-ExtraTerrestrial papers.

Another TV turns on

(News Reporter): The Swat team are rounding up all aliens and sending them off world, this nuisance is over.

TV Flickers on,

(Reporter): it’s been five years since the banning of the aliens and things have gone pretty well, all thought there have been some disappearances of the world’s heroes.

Another TV turns on.

(Reporter): Something has just entered our atmosphere, Oh my god.. It’s huge... Argh!

Beam hits the reporter, and the feed is lost, then the TV turns off.



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