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Will You please Come with us is the 6th episode of Ned10:Ultimate Adventures As Ned, Pred, Emma and Frosted Flakes we’re walking around they decided to stop by the Video Building where they saw Will Pred and Will high fived then they all hung out for a while then they went to the nearest Burger Shack. Ned: So how has it been Will? Will: Good Pred: so what does everyone want to eat? Ned and Will: Cheeseburger and Orange Soda with no ice. Ned: You like Orange Soda? Will: You don’t like ice? Ned: wow we’re so much alike Will: yeah we are Emma: well I’ll have chili fries with diet coke Pred: got any horse feed Waiter: no but we have Fried Horse legs Pred: O_O Frosted Flakes: Roars Emma: oh and a piece of meat Frosted Flakes: Purrs Pred: you serve fried horse legs Waiter: eyup Pred: You ate Big Macintosh you B@stards. Waiter: We also have fried Rainbow pony Pred: *Faints* Ned: let’s get out of here before Pred has a seizure Will: yeah Ned: so Will you coming with us Will: Nah Ned: WHAT? Ned: please Will: I can’t Will: But I’ll see you some other time I guess Ned: ok Frosted Flakes: *runs toward green goo* Emma: Frosted Flakes get back here Frosted Flakes: *licks up green goo* Frosted Flakes: *grows and gets angry* Emma: Frosted Flakes Frosted Flakes: WHO ARE YOU CALLING FROSTED FLAKES FROSTED FLAKES Emma: Frosted Flakes it’s me Emma Rath: IM NOT FROSTED FLAKES IM RATH Emma: You’re names Frosted Flakes not Rath Rath: LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING EMMA THERE IS NOT FROSTED FLAKES *GRABS NED* Ned: of course he picks up me Rath:*THROWS NED ACROSS BEN10TOYOPOLIS* Ned: AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The End